Top Stories of the Year in Lifelong Learning


  1. Canada US Sleigh EditBrochures get even more visual.
    Captions finally appear, including a new caption technique created by Debbie Sagen of the lifelong learning program in Colorado Springs, CO.
  2. Facebook ads begin to work.
    Several LERN members report good ROI and success with Facebook ads, for both local in-person classes and with online courses. Kyle Harkness of the lifelong learning program in Stockton CA, generated online course registrations from 17 states using Facebook ads.
  3. Data analysis explodes.
    The best programs have just upped their data analysis with super results. Mobile site access, click-through rates, video views, retention rates, new audiences, and return on the dollar are just some of the new stats being collected.
  4. Integrated marketing gets results.
    Programs are now complementing their print marketing with social media, blog, email, Facebook, and generating web traffic. Sunny Bains in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, saw registrations for their summer camps skyrocket, up 16%, using this integrated marketing approach.
  5. Two Best Customers lists discovered.
    Lisa Beytien-Carlson of Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan, Minnesota, discovered that most LERN members actually have two Best Customer lists, not just one.
  6. First Page Analysis generates $90,000.
    Carrie Oleynik of Columbia, MD, was the first to use LERN’s Page Analysis service and generated $90,000 additional revenue just by repositioning four courses on different pages.
  7. FREE member services parlayed into big registrations.
    Using the benefits from LERN membership—free consulting, brochure critique, program analysis and LERN reports, programs have been able to significantly grow their programs. In addition, participant satisfaction is also higher. LERN members report 12% higher registrations than non-member programs.
  8. Operating Margins go above 40%.
    Using LERN’s Program Review service, winning continuing education programs are increasing their operating margins above 40 percent by managing production costs and increasing net.
  9. Information Specialists more important than ever.
    Especially as programs focus on improving retention and allowing revenue generators to focus on revenue generation, the role of the information specialist is becoming more critical.
  10. Programs using the wrong font type.
    The vast majority of lifelong learning programs are probably using the wrong font type in their print brochures. LERN has appointed direct marketing expert Paul Franklin and brochure expert Julie Coates to research the issue and make recommendations to LERN members.

Photo:  Lifelong learning programs moving ahead use both the free LERN membership services and also invest in the Program Review.


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