Top Story of the Year


9shiftCropped (2)The top story of the year is a feel-good invention that has already changed the lives of over 200,000 people.  It may change your life, for the better.  And only 2 people at the live NineShift presentation last month had heard about it.

It’s worth listening to the “NineShift for 2019”  webinar FREE on Wednesday, December 12, just for this news.

Plus a hopeful message for the coming decade concludes this year’s NineShift for 2019 complimentary webinar.

Futurist William Draves looks at the Year 2018, including the top 5 stories of the year, most of which you have not heard about. And he predicts and explains why things will get brighter, much brighter, for America in the coming decade.

“It was incredible, life moving,” said Andy Hornbarger of Rochester, New York, after last year’s NineShift presentation.

With stories, humour, a little music and a unique historical perspective you won’t get anywhere else, NineShift this year looks at the year 2018 of anxiety and despair and shows why things will get brighter, much brighter, in the coming decade.

NineShift for 2019
45 minute webinar
Wednesday, December 12
2 pm ET; 1 pm CT; Noon MT; and 11 am PT.

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Come hear the hopeful message for American society.
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