Trends 2023: What You Say


Entering 2023, here is what your colleagues are saying on key issues in the field.

Despite Staffing, Still No Results from Social Media
Some 41% of programmers surveyed at the Annual Conference say they have a full time staff person doing social media. Despite that, 59% of the same professionals report “We hear good things from people about our social media, but no idea on registrations.”

On staffing, some 24% say ‘when we get time, we do it’ and another 24% say ‘we don’t do a lot.’ Only 4% say they have a part time staff doing social media.

Focus the Most-us
New Programming is the top area your colleagues want to focus on the most. Close behind was improving Operations, Procedures and Technology.

Marketing, usually the top interest area in the field, fell to third place among 2023 priorities. That was followed by another big leap down for Staff Productivity, and another big leap down for the least concern, Finances.

Your To Do Timeline
Coming away from the conference, almost half of participants plan to implement and execute their top ‘To Do’s’ from 1-3 months after the conference.

After that, about 25% of people said they were going to make changes within a month of conference. And another 25% of your colleagues got ideas to enact within 6 months.

Financial Support the Same
Financial support from your central administration over the past 3 years is About the Same, according to two-thirds of conference participants surveyed.

But around 22% said their financial support was Down now from 3 years ago. Just 12% said support is Up.

In this century lifelong learning and your program is even more central to your community’s economic prosperity and quality of life for your residents. “So is no increase in financial support good enough?” asks LERN President and futurist William A. Draves.

Start Your Day Differently
Change the way you start your day, says motivational and business transformation speaker Richard Hardon. He keynoted this year’s big LERN Annual Conference. Don’t snooze in, he urged. “Instead, get up and practice gratitude and visualize your coming day and success.

“If you don’t grow, you can’t grow your program,” he states. And when you tell yourself positives, your brain actually believes it. And that enables you to accomplish more. Two more resolutions Hardon recommended for 2023 – –

Think on paper
Write down ideas, plans, dreams, says Hardon. It helps you think about them and actually helps them be put into action and be accomplished.

LIT is a new acronym and motto for younger generations, says Hardon. He recommends it for all generations and ages. L= Learn. I= Implement. T= Teach. Research also supports the effectiveness of LIT.

The 2023 Annual Conference will be Nov 13-16, 2023. Online. Save from $500-$1,000 by registering your Organization now.

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