Two Big Surveys You Won’t Want to Miss


Here’s two big surveys you won’t want to miss. Be sure to participate in both, then look for us to send you the results.

Annual Fall Registration Survey
It’s the most important survey to you and the field. It’s also the biggest survey, with the most programs participating. And it’s the longest survey in the field in lifelong learning. We’ve been doing it for decades.

After you respond in late October, look for the results sometime in November. It is the best bellwether sign of where the field is headed in the coming year.

Coming next: what you want in 2022
The next big survey coming your way is what you want LERN to tell you in 2022. This agenda-setting survey will tell your LERN staff what to research in 2022, what articles to write for you, what webinars to provide to you.

Thanks for your response to our easy quick surveys. The results are important to the field. When you respond, you help keep the field strong.