UGotClass 2021 Recommendations


Based on the record registrations for this fall, here’s our recommendations to increase your UGotClass registrations and income in 2021.

1.Choose most of the Top Ten Certificates for your print brochure.
Eight of our Top 10 certificates is what our top Partner programs run in their print brochures.

2.Plus, add our new hot certificates in data science.
Our hot new SQL Certificate and our new Power BI Certificate join our Excel Certificate and our Data Analysis Certificate, the most popular certificate topic in North America.

3.Run as many of our top certificates in your print brochure as you can.
All the evidence from our most successful UGotClass partners is that your print brochure generates 70% of your UGotClass registrations and income. Just like your print brochure generates 70% of your in-person class registrations.

4.Be sure to offer our Data Analysis Certificate.
Every program should offer it. Data analysis is the top new skill in North America for the 21st century. It generates more than 20% of all UGotClass registrations.

5.Our Certificate in Online Teaching is hot now because of the pandemic.
The pandemic is moving more training and K-12 classes online. So in addition to college teachers, participants in our teaching online courses are coming from all kinds of settings.

Get personal attention and advice from us. If you are not yet a UGotClass Partner, OR if you are a Partner wanting to grow your UGotClass registrations and income, just email Garrett Stern at stern@lern.org.

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