UGotClass Sets Record


Wow! You and other LERN members generated a whopping 31% increase in online course registrations for UGotClass in leslieJune.

The number sets a new record for UGotClass registrations for the month of June, according to Leslie Kowalczyk, CPP,  Administrative and Customer Service Manager for UGotClass.

More than 175 LERN member organizations in four countries have generated registrations so far this year.

The registrations were spread fairly evenly across the courses in the UGotClass curriculum. That is a good sign that LERN is offering the kinds of certificates and courses that resonate with your audience and community.

The courses are taught by outstanding experts, some of them with national reputations in their field.  According to your fellow LERN member program colleagues, UGotClass courses are superior in quality to other online providers.

One reason is the instructor involvement with the students.  In April, over 5,258 comments were made in courses that month, or about one comment being posted every 3 minutes for 12 hours a day, five days a week.

Courses are offered in Business; Business Communication; Career Skills; Health; Human Resources; Leadership; LEED Green Workplace; Management; New Media Marketing; Professional Development; Social Media for Business; Training and Education; and Training for K-12 Teachers.

Another 20 new courses, including a new category on Courses for Parents, premiere this fall.

All LERN member programs should be promoting UGotClass courses.  You make money and you keep your LERN dues low and benefits expanding when you generate registrations.

Just four registrations a month makes your program $4,000 a year. Since all of LERN’s efforts are to serve you, all of the money comes back to your program in terms of expanded benefits, low LERN dues, and new research, information and programs.

Contact Zech@lern.org  to either get started or to get assistance on boosting your UGotClass registrations.  Or call us toll free at 800-UGotClass.

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