Virtual Anniversary


Discover a whole new learning experience, then use LERN’s original new Engaged Session format to redesign some of your activities to be more active and learner engaged.


Your program is being hugely affected by the shift to virtual work, and the new gig economy with more freelancers and independent contractors.

This month LERN celebrates 20 years of being virtual, blowing up our 10,000 square foot national headquarters office in Manhattan, Kansas. And allowing our staff to move, live and work wherever they wanted.  Today LERN staff live in 7 states from coast to coast.

There were no guidelines for becoming a virtual organization in 1998 when LERN did it, but LERN and other pioneering organizations now know the keys for success.

Two big-time implications for your program:

1.Your own staff.
2.Your classes for virtual workers.

The Gig Economy

“In 2017, freelancers made up nearly 36 percent of U.S. workers and contributed $1.4 trillion to the economy, according to a survey by Freelancers Union and the freelancing platform Upwork. By 2020 LinkedIn predicts 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be made up of freelancers, contractors, consultants and other nonpermanent workers,” the May 2018 issue of Delta Magazine notes.

Telecommuting Also Up

Working from home for full time workers, like your LERN staff, is also up. The number of people working from home is up a whopping 115% over the last ten years.

How LERN Helps

LERN’s UGotClass online Certificates and courses specializes in professional development with the new skill sets needed for workers in your community.  Your program gets 50% of the revenue, plus you capture them as customers for your program.  If you are not yet a UGotClass Partner, email us at info@lern.org and we will send you information.