Virtual Program Review


Get the best consulting ROI in the business. LERN’s highly successful Virtual Program Review has received compliments from programs across North America.

Because it is virtual, we can tap into a number of different staff and experts on special topics to give you the analysis and recommendations from the foremost authorities in each subject area, from finances to marketing to programming.

The Virtual Program Review includes:

-Benchmark Comparisons
You send us your data. We compare your performance to both the average program, and more importantly to the ideal or target benchmark that the more successful programs achieve.

-Customized analysis
Yes, we have a set standard of things we look at. The reason: our decades of experience. We know where to look. But we also customize each Virtual Program Review because we know your program is unique. You tell us what you want.

-Personal Interviews and Interaction
We start with your lead contact person and usually have three interactions. Then we interview the staff or personnel with whom you want us to speak. Then we are also available to get your institution’s chief officer or other central administrators perspectives and vision for your program.

Recommendations include Monday-morning immediate actions to take, those to implement over the next 4-6 months, and then long term big picture big dollar new growth market opportunities.

You receive a verbal report, often with illustrative slides, for your group. Then you also get a written report. The recommendations typical can make your organization $100,000 or more in increased income, costs saved, and greater staff productivity.

Just contact Roy Singleton at roy@lern.org and ask for information on the “Virtual Program Review.”

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