What Your Classrooms Will Look Like


ThreeYour classrooms and meeting rooms will look very different 10 years from now.  The new model is now taking hold.  The new model will be shown in the annual Nine Shift closing session at the big LERN Annual Conference in Baltimore Nov. 16-19.
The new model was first created by Don Collins for Coburg high school in Melbourne, Australia.  It is now in classrooms in other countries, including China.
Collins told LERN in an exclusive interview this month, “In short, what was developed at Coburg in terms of school design which is open plan and breaks the industrial model of schooling continues to be the design that schools are moving towards. Those systems with money are changing at a rapid rate. Part of the success of the transition has everything to do with a shift in teaching and learning practices,” he noted.  The design company of Fielding Nair is one U.S. architectural firm designing the new classrooms.
The new model was introduced to North American educators by LERN about 10 years ago by Don Collins’ father John. John Collins and Robyn Whitely worked with LERN in Australia.

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