What’s New at LERN


Huge attendance at our almost-daily webinars, new research into the top pandemic issues for member programs, and a new plan to ramp up your program with online are the top 3 services for members this month. Here’s the list.

1.Daily webinars draw more than 2,000 people over the past month, averaging over 100 per day.

2.Top pandemic issues for members, Exclusive Members-Only webinars and reports, now in the LERN Club.

3.We create a new plan for the future of your program to ramp up your online offerings.

4.UGotClass sets an all-time monthly record as a surge in organizations become new partners.

5.Chair of the Board Joe Miera leads both the Board of Directors and our LERN Leaders in virtual meetings.

6.Virtual Gatherings by constituency so popular they will be repeated soon.

7.LERN Board of Directors passes a unanimous motion to support the New Dues Structure that will create the financial infrastructure for LERN post-2024 as well as give LERN members a new no-cost option for membership.

8.An independent study shows that LERN members have 10% more registrations than non-members, meaning the average LERN member gets a whopping $25,000 more in revenue each year than non-members.

9.We are creating a series of training modules for in-person instructors doing Live Online (Zoom) classes.

10.FREE webinars for your customers, including “Working at Home: Keys to Success” and “Why You’re So Pessimistic,” an upbeat positive 30 minute message.

11.Hot webinars for instructors starting to teach online, including Copyright Guidelines for Online Classes; Creating Visual Slides; and The Ten Step Model for Creating an Online Course.

12.Plans for taking the LERN Annual Conference virtual are being developed by your staff and LERN leaders.  The virtual conference details will be announced soon, and provide the virtual conference for all 6 of your LERN members at one low price.

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