When to refer clients to your competition


finishstrongCut the dogs, said participants in LERN’s Contract Training Institute.  You can’t be everything to everybody, and that’s ok.  Then, after telling potential clients about your other customized programs, refer any clients seeking your dogs to the competition.

You should “stomp the competition” or get out of that particular line of business if you can’t be competitive or provide what is needed at the highest quality level.

Even not serving a client sometimes has positive benefits.  Instead of offering a customized program at a loss, you cut your losses.  And the client thinks more highly of you for referring them to another provider, they are more apt to come back to you for one of your profitable programs or services.

Other top tips from the Contract Training Institute, presented by LERN’s Layne Harpine:

-Send a personalized nomination letter for an individual to be invited to join an Advisory Committee.

-The sales person should take the SME (subject matter expert) and/or instructor on the sales call when needed.

Finish Strong: Contract Training Institute presenter Layne Harpine’s flip chart drawing and message to participants on the final day.  It’s a good tip for contract trainers on any day.

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