Why Gen Y Leaders


image001Gen Y is interested in leadership skills, and already is assuming leadership positions in the workplace, says LERN’s Julie Coates, one of the nation’s foremost generational experts.  Coates was interviewed recently by Psychology Today.

The reason is simple numbers. Numbers-wise, there simply are not enough Gen Xers to assume all the leadership positions being vacated by the Boomers in society. That’s why Gen Xers and Boomers should also support Gen Yers in their leadership training and intentions, she says.

Coates compares Gen X to the Silent Generation, a smaller generation than the WWII Generation that preceded it, and the Baby Boom generation that came behind it. The Silent Generation also experienced the same situation. Back then Boomers also assumed leadership positions in their careers when the WWII Generation retired and the Silent Generation could not fill all the leadership positions in society.

Premiering in February, LERN has created through UGotClass an online certificate in Leadership Development aimed at Gen Yers in the workplace.  The online program consists of three one-month online courses: Leadership Principles, Developing Your Leadership Skills, and Developing Your Professional Career.  For completion information, Click Here.

You can register with us at 855-UGotClass or 800-678-5376.  If your program is already a UGotClass Partner, you can promote the new program to your customers and get 50 percent of the revenue.

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