Why Your Testimonials Count


Thanks for the many testimonials we have been getting from our pandemic special webinars, information and Exclusive Members-Only Recommendations.

What those testimonials do is to encourage us to keep doing these special pandemic activities and serving your program in new ways.  Without your comments, we would not know what you like.

Just 3 of the recent comments we have received:

“Great stuff. Your team is doing it the best right now. Thank you.” -Konley Kelley, CCT; Dallas, Texas.

“Keep up the great inspiration.” –Melanie Erickson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Thank you for organizing such an informative webinar. Julie Coates is an excellent presenter as she was engaging, concise and knowledgeable! I think you could probably tell that it was a success by the number of people who stayed on afterwards to ask questions. The timing was spot on, too.” –Jean Girmscheid, Sullivan, Maine


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