‘WOW’ Conference: Latest Updates


Attendance is surging, over 750 people and still climbing. Here’s more updates on the “WOW” conference coming up in San Diego Nov 19-22.

Attendance Surging
 As of Oct 28, conference attendance was over 750, and still climbing.  This is up 12% over last year.

Hotel Rooms Still Available
 If you have trouble getting a hotel room, email us at info@lern.org  We can help.

New! Trends & Issues session
Don’t miss it. This year we premiere new Trends & Issues sessions Tuesday at 4-5 pm, just before the all-conference reception.

Attention Age 40 and Under!
 Attend the Emerging Leaders session Tuesday from 4-5 pm, just before the all-conference reception. Meet with your fellow millennials to discuss your top issues as a young and emerging leader.

Become a LERN Leader
 Just attend the “State of LERN” presentation Tuesday from 3:30 – 4 pm. It is just after the all-day preconference seminars, and just before the Trends & Issues session at 4 p.m.  No obligation. Then sign up on the attendance roster to get more information about joining a Council and becoming a LERN Leader.

Wed Luncheon Voting
 The topic for you to vote upon at the Wednesday professional development luncheon has just been decided. You will vote on the “What LERN Should Research In the Coming Year.” A list of the final 20 possible practical, how-to topics will be on poster boards at the luncheon.
You will have 3 votes. Last year you voted on what new programs you would like to see, and the top vote getter became our hot new “Creating New Courses” program.

Bring Note Paper
 Bring a pen or pencil and plenty of note paper for all the advanced, practical how-to information you will be taking back home.  A cell phone works too, but paper and pen has been shown to be most beneficial in turning ideas into action.

Too Many Good Sessions
 It is the biggest complaint we get, and we get it every year. Here’s the solution: check out our Recommended Sessions listing in the Conference Notebook you will receive at the conference. That will help guide you to the sessions most relevant to your situation.