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windowGet creative with new teaching techniques. Liven up your classes, and it could enhance your repeat rates.  Encourage your teachers to think outside the box, try something new and don’t worry about failing.

Encourage your teachers to try one thing new each class offering.

The top new ‘wow’ teaching technique for 2014:  have your students write on the windows in your classroom.

From the latest Certificate in Teaching Adults class taught by LERN, participant Michelle Rickaby reports that one of her teachers has students write on the classroom windows. Here’s what she said,

“The teacher told me that he gives the students pens (they must be whiteboard pens) and the students each pick a window. They work their formulas on the windows! At the end of the evening they clean them off. He told me the students love it. (for a math class for adults, but could be used for other topics as well).

“I talked to the teacher after the class and he told me another couple benefits to this method. The class has been in session for around 6 weeks (12 classes) and he observed that when he had students pairing up they were meeting for the first time. As they sit in class they don’t necessarily interact with each other so this gives them an opportunity to meet their classmates. Plus, he told me that when they sit on their own he observes that the cell phones are out and they might be texting or doing something else. When they are standing at the windows they are paying attention to the lessons and thinking about the lessons. They are not distracted by their phones.”

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If you want more of the Top 10 New Teaching Techniques for 2014, email Tammy at info@lern.org.

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