You Shatter Record!


LERN members shattered the previous UGotClass online course registrations in February. UGotClass registrations set an all-time one month high, busting the old one month record set last year by a whopping 17%.

“This takes UGotClass to a whole new level,” noted LERN President William A. Draves. “It is most exciting.”

While virtually all courses and Certificates showed increases, the Top 10 Certificates led the big increase, with big jumps in registrations for the Top 10 Certificates, all of which continue to be popular.

“We continue to encourage our 224 UGotClass Partner organizations to promote our Top 10 Certificates.  And we urge our top thirty Partner organizations to promote as many of our top 20 certificates as possible for even further growth,” Draves noted.

No markets are close to saturation. Growth is being seen in all areas. The number of organizations generating UGotClass registrations in 2017 jumped 10% over the previous year.

If you want to become a UGotClass Partner or want to increase your UGotClass registrations, just email info@lern.org.   Subject line: UGotClass