You Tie the Record!


Thank you. Thank you.

You and the other 241 UGotClass Partners tied the all-time monthly record for registrations in April, generating 1,431 students.

Why this is so great.
1.Your students get Superior online learning.
LERN members say UGotClass is superior to the for-profit providers.
2.You keep LERN strong.
UGotClass is now 66% of LERN’s income, keeping your dues low and benefits high.
3.You support the nonprofit sector.
That’s you. That’s your institution. The for-profits can’t support your institution. They can’t create votes or credit students. LERN does.

Do more with less. No wait, Betty Sedor growing their registrations says “Do Best with less.” That’s what UGotClass gives your program. Superior. Quality. Education that complements and supports your other programming.

To increase your UGotClass registrations, email us at info@ugotclass.org Tell us “Help us increase our UGotClass registrations” or any similar message.

To become a Partner and offer UGotClass, email us at info@ugotclass.org Tell us “I’m interested in becoming a UGotClass Partner” or any similar message.

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