Young/Old Split


Children, youth and their parents want to get back to in-person classes, LERN leaders unanimously agreed in recent meetings.

But what about adults 50 and older? It’s a looming issue for programmers.

Many LERN Leaders are reporting that adults 50 and older are more hesitant about returning to in-person classes. Two reasons:

1.Adults 50 and up are far more likely to have the worse effects of getting COVID. In fact, 80% of the deaths occur to adults 65 and older.

2.Adults are getting used to, and liking, online courses. Both Live Online (Zoom) classes and asynchronous teacher-led online courses are getting a great reception.

The combination has many LERN Leaders looking at keeping some or all of their online courses, even after in-person classes return.

And it may point to a two-step approach to bringing back in-person classes. First, for children, youth and their parents aged 49 and under. This group also happens to be less affected by COVID. And second, possibly January 2022, bringing back in-person classes for adults 50 and up, both on the professional development side and on the personal development side.

Here’s something you don’t want to have happen: you return to in-person classes too early and someone in one of your classes gets the virus.

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