Your Awful ‘Contact Us’ Page


Hiding from your customers? It sure seems that way, given your ‘Contact Us’ page is pretty awful. Potential participants contacting you is a no-cost underutilized way of generating new customers. This according to LERN’s integrated marketing study of the most successful lifelong learning programs.

The leading mistakes:
1.You don’t make it easy for people to find your Contact Us web page;
2.You don’t encourage people to contact you;
3.You don’t have a photo of a frontline staff person, a visual way of inviting people to contact you.

A model Contact Us web page is available from LERN. You get that in your next member newsletter, plus an example of one of the better Contact Us web pages from a similar program in the same institutional setting as yours. Your December newsletter will also be posted on December 1 in the LERN Club.  Forgot your password?  Email us at info@lern.org.