Your Limit is Just 3 Months


LERN, Executive Leadership
LERN’s Vice President Layne Harpine with Marla Gerein of the British Columbia Real Estate Association at LERN’s Executive Leadership Institute

“You can only stay on track for three months,” operations and finance authority Greg Marsello told lifelong learning executives.

From consulting with the most successful programs all over North America, he recommends lifelong learning executives hold quarterly reviews for their staff, and for themselves.

Those quarterly objectives come from your annual objectives, Marsello notes. “Take your 3-7 goals that have to happen this year and focus on them,” he said. “If you get 80 percent of them done, you have success.”

Your quarterly or three-month activities are all about what it takes over the next three months to progress towards achieving your annual objectives. The top annual objectives for lifelong learning programs:

1. Revenue
2. Operating Margin
3. Surplus or net after administrative expenses
4. Registrations

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