Your Starting 5


P1020682There are now 5 big promotion media that need to maxed and interact with each other for a complete and successful marketing effort, successful practitioners at the Interactive Marketing session agreed.

Videos have now joined social media, print brochure, your website and email to compose the Big 5 promotion media.

This is the first year successful practitioners agreed that all five are now integral to a successful marketing campaign.  This is big big news for the field.  Kendall Harris of Santa Barbara, California, creates the best lifelong learning videos, most using teachers in the videos.

What the Best Will Do Next
Here’s what our expert practitioner panel on Integrated Marketing will be doing next:

  • Texting.  Kim Becicka of Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be testing texting.
  • Live Chat.  Rod Holt of Red Deer, Alberta, will be trying live chat on the program’s website.
  • In-Class marketing.  Kendall Harris of Santa Barbara, California, will focus more on teachers helping to recruit and obtain repeat customers by talking in class to their students.

LERN photo by Julie Coates, El Combate, Puerto Rico, January 2018.