Your Top Info Needs


You told us. We listened. Here’s your Top 3 information needs for 2021 for which you asked LERN to help.


The #2 Online request is new this year. We’re responding with a four part webinar series in April on Successful Online Programming. Deal: the second person is FREE.

The #3 Pandemic request is a carry-over from last year, and it was good for LERN to know it is still a big issue with you. So we created an all-new three part series of monthly webinars on Resilience Training to help you alleviate your own stress, that of your staff, and then be able to help the people in your community reduce their own stress. The series is FREE to your six staff who are members of LERN.

Plus our Virtual Gatherings featuring your fellow members who are LERN Leaders will continue.

The #1 Marketing request has been tops since decades ago. We are researching a whole new area for the field with SEO best practices. And that new research joins all the other terrific marketing info we produce each month.

FREE Tip: do a print brochure. It increases your registrations and income a whopping 20% (or more) than if you do not print and distribute a brochure.

Questions? Want advice? Just email us at info@lern.org. Or call us at 800-678-5376. Or go back to our Home Page here and click on Live Chat.