Your Worst 2021 Mistake Already


Just a few weeks into 2021, and we already know the worst 2021 mistake you are making. From our exclusive survey of what you plan to do, and not plan to do, in 2021, we have the results.

It is a basic simple mistake that no program should be making. Yet 70% of programs in our survey are making this mistake. It is perhaps the single biggest way to generate registrations. The solution costs less than what you are already doing. The mistake is costing you lots of registrations and dollars, either U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars.

To learn what your worst 2021 mistake is, and how to fix it, just go to the LERN Club. Forgot your password? Email info@lern.org.

No, we’re not telling non-members the worst mistake right here. Our members are paying for this incredibly valuable information with their dues. If you’re a non-member and making this mistake, as you probably are, correcting the mistake will pay for your LERN dues over and over again.

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