Youth Strong Focus


youthYouth programming and summer camps are a strong part of lifelong learning programming, according to an exclusive new survey by LERN.

A whopping 854 LERN members responded to the survey asking for your focus of programming.

The results were tabulated by these institutional settings:
-Parks and Recreation
-Community education in Public Schools
-Continuing education in higher education

For full results for Parks and Recreation, click here.

For full results for Community Education in Public Schools, click here.

For full results for Continuing Education in higher education, click here.

Youth Strong Focus
Youth programs are the top focus for recreation programmers, at 55% of recreation programmers. This tops Adult Programs, at 45%. And 40% of recreation programmers are involved in Summer Camp programming, the third top focus. Another youth-related programming, After School Programs, came in at 15%. Members could cite more than one focus, so percentages add up to more than 100%.

For Community Educators in Public Schools, Youth Programming was a focus for 28% of community educators, a distant second to Adult Enrichment at 65%. But Summer Camps were a program focus for 25% of community educators, tied with ABE/GED in the third most common programming area for Community Educators.

In Continuing Education, Youth Programs get much less attention, being named by 20% of continuing educators as a field of focus. This is far behind the top programming area, professional continuing education at 55%.

All totaled, youth programming is a strong focus for lifelong learning programs.

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