Sometimes it can be difficult to notify your teams of important processes or decisions.  One way to keep all of your Lumens staff users on the same page is to use the Staff Welcome template. Many schools have had success posting updates and important information to the staff welcome page. One of the ways to utilize this area as a resource is to add links to process documents if any of these are web hosted.  Having resources related to Lumens use located in one central location can greatly increase the utilization of such documents.

If you do not have process documents to post, consider using this space for announcements as needed. When there is nothing of real importance to announce, then simply post an inspiring statement, quote, picture or even just something to make your staff smile or laugh.

Remember, the more frequently you update this template with useful, important or fun information the more your team will learn to give this area a quick look when logging into you Lumens site.  Having one more platform for staff communication is never a bad idea.

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