Join the 242 organizations in offering Superior.Quality.Education to your community.

Top Reasons to Choose LERN
As Your Primary Online Course Provider

Your colleagues say UGotClass courses are superior to the online courses from the for-profits. Here’s the top 7 reasons why.

#7 Receive Up to 50% of the Revenue.
#6 Whopping Satisfaction Rate of 96%.
#5 Multimedia for every course.
#4 Ongoing discussion with your instructor and fellow students
#3 Superior Completion Standards.
#2 Awesome Transfer Policy.
#1 Information Not Available Anywhere Else.

When you become a Partner you make money and help support LERN. The for-profits can’t critique your brochure, or tell you how to price, or boost your profitability. Only LERN can increase your registrations by 10% or generate an additional $25,000 or more a year for you.

“LERN Courses plays a vital role in our entire professional development portfolio and will continue to do so.” - Anthony Klevas, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada
“A great option for the folks in our area. We are glad to have the opportunity to partner with LERN.” Angie Neville, Des Moines Area Community College

What To Do Now

Switch to LERN. Support the nonprofit sector, and provide Superior. Quality. Education. to your community. Make LERN your primary third-party online course provider.

3 Easy Steps.

1.Contact Us.
Don’t wait. Our three step process is so easy, you can start Making Big Money soon. Email us at info@lern.org. Or call us at 800-678-5376 (M-F, 9-6 ET). Or do Live Chat at www.lern.org.
We will send you complete information. We will answer all your questions.

2.Get the Agreement.
It’s simple, straightforward, and designed for mutual understanding. There’s no upfront cost, no obligation to spend money, no long term commitment. Send it to your institution’s attorney for any minor changes you want. We’ve never had a legal issue with a LERN member organization in 50 years.

3.Start Right Away.
You can start getting registrations within weeks. One new Partner reported she got a registration the first day on their web site! Choose what you want to offer and promote. We suggest you start with our most popular and profitable Top 10 Certificates. We can, if you want, set up a website for you with your name, logo, contact info. Then ask us about the most effective marketing and get weekly marketing tips.

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