Boomers Now Smallest Generation

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Best Boomer SkitTwoJanuary 2016 marks the first month of the first year in which the Baby Boomer generation is now the smallest generation in the workplace.

Just 24 months ago Boomers were the largest generation in the workforce.  But 2016 marks the first year in which Gen Y is now the largest generation in the workforce.

Last month the annual all-new NineShift presentation at the big LERN annual conference paid tribute to the Boomers with a skit having Boomers clean out their desks, finding lava lamps, White Out, carbon paper, and other office supplies from the last century.

Thanks to LERN leaders Rob Watters, Michael Garamoni and our three Boomers – – Marie Price, Paula Hogard, and Dan Thorpe- – for being in the skit.

  Photo:  The NineShift skit featured Rob Watters, center, as a Gen Xer helping Gen Y, portrayed by Michael Garamoni, relate better to the Boomers, including Paula Hogard, right.

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