Program Certification

The leading certification in the field of continuing education and community education. The LERN Program Certification constitutes of the most rigorous quality standards ever for lifelong learning programs, including continuing education in universities, colleges and public schools. Programs meeting Program Certification standards strive to measure the right data and follow the best practices.

Number of programs currently Certified: 168

Our Standards
* Outcome based.
* Based on the right data.
* High, but not elitist.
* Community and learner oriented.
* Geared towards improvement.

LERN Certified Programs possess the skills and competencies to:
*Align program goals to the organization’s central mission
*Run and analyze critical programmatic data
*Develop relevant course programming
*Establish appropriate customer service standards
*Identify marketing channels relevant to top segments
*Increase registrations year over year
*Improve process efficiency

Benefits of Program Certification

Publicize your certification to your customers, business leaders and officials. Your community and the people you serve will value your LERN Program Certification because it is a third party objective certification based on standards and community oriented outcomes.

Institutional benefits.
Within your larger institution, Program Certification helps you define the quality and importance of your program to leaders and decision makers. It also provides them with objective benchmarks, standards, analysis and recommendations by LERN, the industry leader.

Improvement benefits.
Program Certification comes with recommendations for program improvement, including averages, benchmarks, and names of successful programs serving the same size community as your program.

Certification requires a) providing annually a set of 1-5 data or numbers; and b)a small annual cost for access to data and recommendations. There is no cost for Program Certification for LERN members.

To submit your data, click here.

Number of programs currently Certified: 168

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