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Certified Program Planner (CPP)


Online Course and Certification

January 6 – February 28, 2020


The leading course and certification in recreation programming is now available online.

Thousands of professionals have been trained by LERN. Now you can acquire this quality training, education and professional development specific to recreation classes. Affordable for all your staff to be trained.
Learn online anytime, any day or evening, from any computer. Participate as little, or as much, as you wish. It’s easy. It’s fun.

Here’s What You Do
Here’s what you do online each week.
1.Readings. Do 10 or so pages of readings each week
2.PresentationsListen to the 15-minute audio presentation with slides
3.Self Quiz. Take the optional self-quiz for the week’s unit and get immediate feedback on how you’re doing.
4.Discussion. Join your colleagues and LERN presenter in the written discussion board area. Share your experience with others, ask your presenter questions, respond to comments from other recreation professionals.

The average time online and studying is 2-3 hours a week.

Certified Program Planner (CPP)

After the course, take the CPP exam and become a Certified Program Planner (CPP), the leading designation in the field of recreation programming.

There is no additional cost to take the exam and receive your CPP. You may take the exam a second time if needed.  The award includes a real medal suitable for framing, a certificate, and press release.

CEUs Also Available

CEUs are also available at no additional cost.

First Course: Recreation Fundamentals
Week 1: Needs Assessment in Recreation Programming
Week 2: Program Development
Week 3: Finance and Budgeting for Recreation Classes
Week 4: Program Analysis


Second Course: Marketing Recreation
Week 5: Pricing
Week 6: Best Recreation Brochures
Week 7: Promotion and Marketing Recreation Classes
Week 8: Customer Service and Review of Best Practices Benchmarks

Week 9:  CPP Exam.

Registration information
The cost (fee includes book) for this online Institute for those with a recreation department is just $395 for the first person; and only $295 for the second person from the same recreation department.

Contact Roy at (800) 678-5376 or info@lern.org if you have questions.

There Are Six Easy Ways To Register:

Register Online by clicking here.

Register by Email: Send your registration information to info@lern.org.

Register by FAX: Complete the registration form and fax it, toll-free, 24 hours a day, to (888) 234-8633.

Register by Phone: Have your registration form ready and call Roy at (800) 678-5376. The phones are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET) Monday-Friday.

Register by Mail: Complete the registration form and mail it to:
LERN Recreation CPP
PO Box 9
River Falls, WI 54022 

PURCHASE ORDERS A purchase order will reserve your place, with payment due at or before the online Institute begins. Please fax your registration and PO to us at (888) 234-8633 and we will email you an invoice.

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