The largest consulting team in continuing education and lifelong learning programming is also the most expert and experienced.

Brendan Marsello

Special expertise:· Marketing· Programming· Needs Assessment & Market Research

Brendan Marsello is the lead trainer for LERN on the core skills of lifelong learning programming and continuing education. He is in charge of our Certified Program Planner (CPP) five day professional development program, curriculum and certification. He has special expertise in market segmentation, email promotion, data analysis, and carrier route analysis. He holds a Masters Degree and has a background in running Rhode Island’s largest noncredit class program. He does speaking and training all over Canada and the U.S. Marsello is Assistant Vice President for Program Development, and is based in Washington, DC.

Travette Webster

Special expertise:· Process mapping & Procedures · Social media· Operations

Travette Webster has an extensive background in both the corporate world and in lifelong learning programming and continuing education. She consults, writes and speaks on a variety of subjects, including management, social media, programming and operations. In the corporate world, she gained expertise in Lean and project management. She then worked the continuing education unit at Houston Community College System, one of the larger systems in higher education. Webster holds an MBA and is now in an Ed.D. program at the University of Texas. She does consulting, training and speaking all over North America. Webster is Assistant Vice President for Communications and Diversity, and is based in the Houston area.

William A. Draves

Special expertise:· Finances· Online Courses· Vision & Strategic Planning

William A. Draves, CAE, is a leading authority in the field. His areas of expertise include marketing, online courses, managing remote work, finances, budgeting, pricing, leadership, web site design, and programming. An acclaimed futurist, he specializes in strategic planning, environmental scanning, and “the vision thing.” He has written several books and given keynotes in Japan, Russia, Australia, Germany, England, Slovenia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Draves is President and is based in the Twin Cities metro area city of River Falls, Wisconsin.

Julie Coates

Special expertise:· Brochures· Demographics· Learning Styles & Teaching

Julie Coates is a leading authority on demographics, and a pioneer in the research of learning styles. Running a community education program associated with a university, she created the first ratios and benchmarks in the industry. She is a popular speaker on generational learning, brochures, course trends as well as trends in lifelong Learning. She has presented in Russia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, England, and Australia. Her published books include the ground-breaking Generational Learning Styles. Coates is Senior Vice President, and is based in Presque Isle, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon.

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