LERN's Remote Program Review

Take action. Improve performance.

One of LERN’s most popular consulting services is the Onsite Program Review, a comprehensive onsite assessment of your program.

More than 200 continuing education, lifelong learning, and recreation departments have benefited from an Onsite LERN Program Review.

Not every program requires an Onsite Program review, so LERN also administers a Remote Program Review. Using virtual technology, your LERN consultant learns about your successes, understands your challenges, and provides practical how-to recommendations and action steps.

A Remote Program Review Is Right for Your Program, If You:

  • Do not presently have funds for an Onsite Program Review available but want to take advantage of LERN consulting services.
  • Are a smaller program not requiring the time and resources of an Onsite Program Review.
  • Want one unit, division or department of your program, such as contract training, summer camps, credit programming, or community education reviewed.
  • Are under pressure to quickly justify to central administration the critical role your program plays.
  • Are in immediate need of feedback regarding upcoming course programming, marketing, contract training, and/or operations actions you are planning to take.

Remote Program Reviews Are Customized

80 percent of what your program does is similar to all other programs, but 20 percent is unique due to your location, institution, staff mix, or other reasons. A Remote Program Review matches you with industry best practices, but also takes into consideration your uniqueness. All Remote Program Reviews follow the same process, but your LERN consultant’s analysis and recommendations are customized to your program.

How a Remote Program Review Works

Step 1: LERN provides your program a list of items, such as data, information and materials for you to submit at the beginning of the process.

Step 2: Using virtual technology, your LERN consultant visits your program. You and your LERN consultant determine the visit schedule.

Step 3: Within two weeks, using virtual technology, your LERN consultant presents a Remote Program Review Final Report PowerPoint Presentation, including an Action Plan. Your deliverable is the PowerPoint Presentation and a recording of the presentation.

Step 4: Going forward, by email and telephone you can ask your LERN consultant questions about the Final Report.

Remote Program Review Cost

The cost of a Remote Program Review is $5,950. Upon delivery of the Remote Program Review Final Report PowerPoint Presentation, LERN will invoice your program.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee:

  1. Your return-on-investment will be a minimum of 10:1 in additional income and/or cost savings.
  2. You will understand how your program matches up to similar programs and will know the actions to take to improve your performance.
  3. All staff involved will better understand industry best practices and how they impact increasing productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

LERN Members Completing LERN Program Reviews

The following are some of the LERN Members who have completed a LERN Program Review:

  • Kirkwood Community College Continuing Education & Training Services, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • University of Calgary Continuing Education, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Chicago Botanic Garden Adult Education, Chicago, Illinois
  • Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions, Middletown, Virginia
  • High School District 214 Community Education, Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • The University of Texas – Texas Extended Campus, Austin, Texas
  • Red Deer College Continuing Education, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

More Information

For more information on LERN’s Remote Program Review, please fill out the form below and  you will be contacted by a LERN consultant who can answer your questions and schedule your Remote Program Review.

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