New member service! LERN wants to help you make money and serve a community need.

Offer LERN’s new Contact Tracing Training program, a four week course to train people to get a job as a contact tracer, beginning in January, 2021.

You get 40% of the revenue from this course. Monthly online classes start January 4.

About the Program
Skills identified by the CDC for success as a contact tracer include;
• Ethical and professional conduct.
• Active listening.
• Open communication.
• Critical thinking.
• Negotiating skills.
• Problem solving.
• Cultural humility and competency

The course will focus on these key competencies as well as providing up-to-date information about the Corona virus and COVID-19.

The program is offered by LERN in conjunction LERN member organizations.

Job Outlook
Tens of thousands of contact tracers will be needed in coming months as the pandemic deepens. Compensation for this work can be as much as $28/hour in some locations. Compensation varies within states.

Requirements vary by location, but in most states, students must be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and have a general proficiency in and access to technology and good communication skills. New York State requires training from a specific provider, but most states do not. Be sure you check your state’s requirements.

Schedule and Format
New Classes start every month
Format: Online, four-week course
Fee: $299 (You get 40% of the revenue)

No class is ever cancelled. No class ever fills.

Your Program Qualifications
Your program needs to be a LERN Member to offer this special program.
Your program does NOT have to offer any other online courses from LERN.

What You Need to Do
1.Sign a simple Agreement. You have no obligation. You may stop offering the program with 30 days notice to LERN.

What LERN Does
1. We set up a web page for your program to take registrations and give full information to your potential customers.
2. You promote the class via email, social media, your print brochure or other means. We recommend monthly emails to prospective students. Everyone on your mailing list will appreciate your service to your community. Some will forward your emails to friends and relatives who may be interested.
3.Students register and pay on the web page we set up for you.

LERN takes it from there.
LERN offers the online course using our UGotClass platform. will give you access to your account where you can see progress and completion of your students. We send you a check roughly every month.

Download the agreement below and then submit it to info@lern.org.

Contact Tracing Partner Agreement

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