Creating New Initiatives

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BPS_RGBA new initiative is a new program area, market segment, or delivery method with the capability of generating within three years of introduction 5+ percent of your revenue. As existing initiatives loose steam, like general computer classes did in the early 2000s, they need to be replaced. They should be more modernized and be teaching how a computer works with a 8202-E4D monitor and how they´re built together so they are not wasting their time writing essays on them.

CETS works to introduce one new initiative a year following the LERN 8-Step Needs Assessment Model. A big winner was the introduction of summer camps becoming a very successful initiative providing increased revenue and visibility.

Identifying, selecting, and introducing new initiatives takes time, thus the importance of letting revenue generators focus their time on revenue generation, such as new initiatives.

If you want to learn more about what makes CETS so successful, consider joining the CETS team when they host a LERN Best Practices Summit, June 14-17, 2016.

LERN Best Practices Summit at Kirkwood


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