2021 LERN Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference

April 20 - 21, 2021

LERN has listened to you and has combined two of our most popular content areas – contract training and operations, into one two-day virtual conference. For one price you get to discover the latest techniques and tips from successful industry practitioners.

Contract training is an important revenue stream focused on solution-selling and servicing the needs of community businesses, government agencies, and organizations. Strategies for selling and delivering products and services has shifted the last five years and LERN’s experts will be sharing their secrets.

Centralized operations has proven to be a critical key to overall success. Programs that have an operations team focused on pulling and not pushing tasks have provided consistency and helped foster increased productivity. Over the last five years operations experts have emerged and will be sharing their approaches.

Following the success of LERN’s Annual Virtual Conference, the Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference will include tracks for each content area including opening sessions, core and advanced topics, practitioner examples, engaged sessions, and much more. As always, the information will be practical and cutting-edge.

No one else knows contract training and operations like LERN does. No one else has access to the best experts in the business like LERN does. No one else knows how to run a virtual conference the way LERN does. Your ROI will easily exceed 10:1. Don’t miss LERN’s Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference.

Some scheduled contract training presenters:

Amy Lasack. Kirkwood Community College.
Rod Holt. Red Deer College.
Eric Johnson. Northeast College.

Some scheduled operations presenters:

Travette Webster. Houston Community College.
Brenda Ireland. Kirkwood Community College.
Robert Wensveen. University of Calgary.

Operations Presenter Travette Webster Talks About the Upcoming Conference

Contract Training Presenter Amy Lasack Talks About the Upcoming Conference



$995 for up to 20 individuals from one organization.

There Are Six Easy Ways To Register

Purchase Orders will reserve your place, with payment due at or before the Contract Training and Operations Conference. Please fax (888-234-8633) or scan (info@lern.org) your PO and we will email you an invoice.

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