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November 14 - November 17, 2022

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2022 LERN Virtual Conference Brochure

Mark Your Calendar. Seek Budget Approval Now. Bring All Your Staff.

Latest Updates

November 11
The LERN 50th Annual Conference Starts Monday!
Video Celebrating our 50 years. 3:40-3:45 pm ET
Opening Session. 3:45 – 4 pm ET
Keynote with motivational speaker Richard Hardin. 4 – 5 pm ET

November 10
Get Ready-to-Rock Next Week!
Rest up. Buy notepaper. Sharpen pencils.
Cancel meetings during sessions important to you.
Turn off email after you log-in for a session

November 9
Drop Twitter?
Melissa Torres, Anna Hunter and Travette Webster are some of the foremost social media experts in our field.
Next week they will share their perspective and response to this hot issue.

November 8
Marketing to Boomers
They control some 70% of disposable income, and 25% of Boomers are still in the workforce.
“It’s a mistake to miss out on this market,” says demographics expert Julie Coates.
Attend Marketing to Boomers with Ms. Coates on Tues Nov 15.

Who Should Attend:

Administrators and staff from these and other institutions offering lifelong learning classes and programs:

-Recreation Departments
-Community Education in Public Schools
-Continuing Education in Universities
-Continuing Education in Community Colleges
-Other (Botanic gardens, museums, hospitals, libraries, and more)

Coming Soon!

Over 2,000 professionals will attend this year’s virtual conference
If you’ve never been to a LERN conference, some 43% of the attendees each year are first-timers, so welcome. You will get the ratios for success in your field, the benchmarks, the most practical, how-to information available anywhere.
If you have been before, the 2021 Virtual Conference will feature the latest, most advanced information as your program rapidly changes to serve the new generations and society of the post-pandemic 21st century.

New Session Formats

More than 30 all-new sessions. Download the full conference brochure at the top of the www.lern.org/conference web page for all 45 sessions.

Best Experts: The best experts provide fast paced hard hitting and practical best practices.
Panel Presentations: Your colleagues from top programs provide tips, techniques and strategies.
Group Discussions: Your colleagues moderate the Discussions. Share your tip, take away 19 others.


Get the most specialized Professional Development in the field with the sessions in our 8 Tracks
– New Staffing Structures
– The New Era
– Hot New Marketing
– Latest Digital Marketing
– Programming for 2022
– Contract Training
– Core Skills
– Executive Planning

New Information

Don’t let your program fall behind.

– The Best Brochure Ideas for 2022
– New Growth Markets
– The Best Promotion Ideas of the Year
– International Award Winners for 2022
– …..and much much more.


Five Star Presenters. The 5 highest rated presenters from last year’s conference do it again.
ShowStoppers. Pioneering breakthrough strategies that will change the field forever.

One fee: $1,795 for as many people from the same organization as you want

There Are Six Easy Ways To Register

Exhibitors add to your conference experience with a variety of products and services geared just for lifelong learning programs.

Want to exhibit? Email Roy at roy@lern.org

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