April 5 - 7, 2022

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2022 LERN Contract Training and Operations Conference Brochure

Since the early 1600’s, the structure of education has been under constant evolution. This gradual change has allowed organizations to learn, develop new ideas, test those ideas, and implement new policies accordingly. In this model, it takes approximately 5 to 7 years to establish new educational policies, and for those changes to take root and thread into the organization’s culture. The recent COVID-19 and racial justice pandemics heaved the world, including continuing education and lifelong learning, into a revolution. We now live and work in environments where the traditional, reactionary approach to improvement and adaptation to change leave organizations running to catch up. Our industry can no longer survive on 5 to 7 year transformations.

LERN has combined two of our most popular content areas – contract training and operations, into one three-day virtual conference. For one price you get to discover the latest techniques and tips from successful industry practitioners.

Contract Training remains the most profitable and cutting-edge continuing education program unit serving business and industry with customized educational products and services. Effective sales strategies; multiple revenue streams; innovative, multi-modality programming; and staff productivity are more critical than ever. This conference has been designed to give Contract Training teams the skills necessary to increase sales, improve productivity, and ensure financial self-sufficiency in a rapidly changing environment.

Operations is the foundation of continuing education and lifelong learning programs, managing the day-to-day tasks required to run the unit. Over the last 15 years, a majority of continuing education and lifelong learning units have worked diligently to centralize operational tasks. As a result of the pandemic, highly effective operations have become critical to the success of your entire organization. This conference has been designed to give Operations teams the skills to provide the highest level of customer service in a hybrid environment; design innovative, agile processes; and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Proactive, data-driven, and rapid innovation is the key to thriving in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. From People and Processes to Products and Profits, this year’s Contract Training and Operations Conference will provide you and your team with strategies and tools to face the revolution head on.

No one else knows contract training and operations like LERN does. No one else has access to the best experts in the business like LERN does. No one else knows how to run a virtual conference the way LERN does. Your ROI will easily exceed 10:1. Don’t miss LERN’s Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference.

An exciting part of this year’s virtual Conference is your ability to sign up for 1:1 meetings and small group discussions with Conference presenters. These intimate sessions are designed to help you with any specific questions or challenges you have. Appointment slots are limited. Sign up is available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Some scheduled contract training presenters:

Rodney Holt
Amy Lasack
JoAnn Hall
Chad Borodychuk

Some scheduled operations presenters:

Greg Marsello
Brenda Ireland
Robert Wensveen
Scott Cashman


LERN’s Contract Training & Operations Virtual Conference will include Leader and Staff tracks for each content area including opening sessions, core and advanced topics, practitioner examples, engaged sessions, and much more. As always, the information will be practical and cutting-edge.

Some session topics include:
• Post-pandemic strategies for Contract Training and Operations
• Building Internal Partnerships
• Effective Selling Tools and Techniques
• Successful Models for Hybrid Work
• Battling the Great Resignation
• Lead Generation: Keep Your Contract Training Unit Vital in 2022
• LEAN Problem Solving Strategies
• Building On-the-job Training and Apprenticeships
• Chat Bot Implementation and Keys for Success
• Professional Development Tips for Upcoming Leaders

Detailed session information can be found in the 2022 LERN Contract Training and Operations Conference Brochure


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2022 LERN Contract Training and Operations Awards

LERN Members: $995 for up to 20 individuals from one organization.

Non-Members: $1,245 for up to 20 individuals from one organization.

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Purchase Orders will reserve your place, with payment due at or before the Contract Training and Operations Conference. Please fax (888-234-8633) or scan (info@lern.org) your PO and we will email you an invoice.

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