June 13 - 15, 2023. Online.

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New, Advanced and Core Skills
You want new sessions, Advanced for your experienced staff, and Core and fundamental sessions for your new staff. We got it!

Join 8 of the Top Ten Contract Trainers in North America
You only get better by playing with the best. Join 8 of the top ten contract trainers in North America.

Top 2 Operations units in North America Presenting
The best Operations practitioners have the latest best practices.

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*From a President’s View, with Dr. Jermaine Ford
*Exciting Keynote: “Next Level Virtual Training”
*Town Hall Discussions with your colleagues
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Contract Training Sessions

Opening Session: Top Issues in Contract Training
A panel of top contract trainers responds to the recent LERN survey on the top issues and trends in contract training. Hear their perspectives and what it means for your program. Come away with an understanding of the top issues in the field.
Panel lead by Dr. Travette Webster, Houston. Members include Amy Lasack, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Jo Ann Hall, Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Setting Sales Targets
Determining appropriate sales targets based on your market, staffing, and resources. The #2 top issue in contract training. Take away insights from contract trainer experienced in higher education and one of North American’s top contract trainers.
Rod Holt, Global Leader Group, Red Deer, AB, Canada

Leading Your Team Through Change
Enormous changes are happening in both the external market and in your institution. Find out the secrets of leading your team through this change. Your presenter is one of North America’s top ten contract trainers. Her top client is a Fortune 500 Company.
Jo Ann Hall, Dean of Economic and Workforce Development, Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

eLearning to Support F2F
Creating and integrating value added elearning modules to support face to face instruction. A case study on how to design a custom self-paced virtual contract training and coupled it with live virtual coaching. The topic ranked #9 in your needs survey. Your presenter was cited for her presentation skills at last year’s conference.
Paulette Milewski, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

First Ever! A College President’s View
From a Vice President of Workforce Development to a College CEO: The Impact of Continuing Education from two perspectives.
Dr. Jermaine Ford, President, Florence-Darlington Technical College, Florence, South Carolina

Contract Training and Your Institution
A panel of contract trainers discusses issues and tips for responding and leading your institution, including:
*Creating training to transition your participants from workforce development to academic programs,
*Getting greater buy-in from central administration leaders.
Panel led by Dr. Travette Webster, Houston.

New! Next Level Virtual Training
From the author of the new and popular book, where virtual training is headed next. Your keynoter is one of the foremost designers of multimedia and virtual training. She has designed and facilitated virtual training programs for organizations in more than a dozen countries. Howles trains Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government agencies and academic institutions.
Diana Howles is CEO of Howles Associates, Madison, Wisconsin

Developing Performance Metrics: Driving Performance through Traction
Laurel Ridge Community College (formerly Lord Fairfax) completely re-organized its Corporate Training unit in 2020 after benchmarking the Kirkwood “best in industry” staffing model through LERN. Using this new organizational model, the Laurel Ridge CT team accelerated their success by embracing the “Traction” entrepreneurial operating system for performance metrics. Laurel Ridge staff will share tips and the meaningful strategic execution tools which have become a part of the intentional focus used to achieve success.
Debera Taylor, Director, Corporate Training & Development; and Jeanian Clark, Vice President, Office of Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education, Laurel Ridge Community College, Middleton, Virginia

Organizational Advocacy
Building support for customized training. Strategies, techniques, tips and tricks to advocate and achieve greater support for your contract training team from central administration and the academic side. Your presenter is the first contract training head in North America to get college support for her sales unit to work remotely.
Amy Lasack, Executive Director, Continuing Education and Training Services, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Getting the Minutia Out of Your Sales Team
Getting your sales team out of the minutia to stay focused on client development.
Rod Holt, Red Deer, AB, Canada

Get a Grip on your Business: Create a culture of success using proven EOS principles.
You can develop strategic plans and performance metrics that will help keep your team out of the minutia and focused on key deliverables. See how to use the EOS Model to navigate and inspire organizational changes that will drive your CT unit’s success.
Rebecca Taylor, Midlands Technical College, Columbia, South Carolina

Emerging Industries, Emerging Opportunities
The emerging industry occupations we should be prepared to support. The new economy of the 21st Century presents a whole new landscape and marketplace. Reposition your contract training unit to take advantage.
William A. Draves, CAE, CPP, President of LERN, River Falls, Wisconsin

Contract Training Sessions

Contract Training Is About Relationships
Contract training is all about relationships. Case Studies will provide insights into building partnerships to ensure successful programs.
Joy Lundeen Ellebbane, Director, Continuing Professional Studies, Bank Street College, New York, New York

Sales – Qualifying Prospects
Qualifying prospects is the Key to selling more contract training. How to stop selling your programs and make your customers sell their needs to you.
Jeremy Catoe, Business Solutions Director, Corporate & Continuing Education, Midlands Technical College, Columbia, South Carolina

Finding the Right Instructors
Important Skills for a Contract Training Instructor. Finding Instructors. Clarifying Things from the Start.
Brendan Marsello, LERN

Pricing Contract Training
Understanding Contract Costs. Formula Pricing and Market Pricing. Pricing Best Practices
Brendan Marsello, LERN

Effective Needs Assessments Close Sales
Needs may present as a personnel problem. Through discovery questions it may be determined that technology, equipment, processes or lack of resources are contributing factors. Let’s explore how an effective assessment process may lead to solving a problem the client may not know they had.
Paulette Milewski, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Retaining Faculty to Build Lasting Programs
Retaining faculty and building programming that lasts. How to balance budgets and expand offerings with the resources you have.
Joy Lundeen Ellebbane, Director, Continuing Professional Studies, Bank Street College, New York, New York

Key Contract Training Formulas
LERN Financial Format and Ideal Percentages. Key Contract Training Formulas. Data to Collect & Quarterly Analysis.
Brendan Marsello, LERN

Quality Assurance & ROI
Two-Phase Quality Assurance. Dealing with Complaints. Determining ROI.
Brendan Marsello, LERN

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