Advanced Programming Institute 
Now you can become a Certified Professional Programmer (C2P) with professional development, the Advanced Programming Institute, designed specifically for continuing education and lifelong learning.
In today’s competitive environment, changing learner demands mean you need to develop new programs at an astounding rate.
LERN experts say up to 30 percent of your offerings every year should be brand new, and in today’s rapidly shifting society, your customers’ interests are changing even more quickly as they try to keep up with and respond to the economic and social environment.
That means you have to offer even more new programs right now and you have to do it with the same staff and resources. You can’t afford to waste valuable hours on programs that don’t succeed, and you can’t afford your own R&D department.
But, not just any new programs will do. They must be successful because with the fiscal demands being placed on your organization, you can’t afford trial and error.
This is one of the four core Institutes in the LERN curriculum. The Program Management Institute is a recommended, but not mandatory, first course.

Who should attend

Any professional in lifelong learning programming should attend, including those involved in developing courses, seminars, conferences, classes, events, and other educational programs. This Institute is relevant for continuing education, recreation, continuing professional education, community education, training and professional development.

Why you should attend

There are only two activities that make your program successful – marketing and creating new courses and events. In this intensive, Advanced Programming Institute, we will show you the best strategies, proven techniques, and step-by-step how-to procedures for developing successful new programs. After attending, you will have the information necessary to increase the success rates of your new programs. The result is that you will have more successful new programs and you will reduce wasted staff time.
[expand title=”Agenda” rel=”group-highlander”] Unit 1. The Programmer’s Job and Programming Key Concepts

  • The State of Programming
  • Programming Terminology, Types & 30% Rule
  • Programmer’s Job Description & Accountability

Unit 2. Program Finances and Understanding Participants

  • Finances
  • Understanding Participants
  • 12 Programming Best Practices
  • Adults as Learners
  • Spotting Trends

Unit 3. Needs Assessment

  • Needs Assessment & Knowing What to Program Next
  • Surveys as a Tool

Unit 4. Developing Courses

  • Organizing Knowledge
  • Instructional Design
  • Materials, Study Guides, Exams+
  • Development: Descriptions, Titles, Content
  • Certificate Programs
  • Spin-Off Classes and Services

Unit 5. Working with Teachers

  • Hiring & Managing Teachers
  • Evaluation & Development of Instructors
  • Negotiation Skills

Unit 6. Evaluation and Improvement

  • Evaluating a Single Course/Event
  • The Cost of Program Development
  • Selecting Repeat Programs

Unit 7 Pricing and Marketing

  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Relationship with Contract Training

Unit 8. Planning

  • New Initiatives
  • Transitioning to Online & UGotClass
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Planning
[/expand] [expand title=”Benefits” rel=”group-highlander”] Outcomes
After attending the Advanced Programming Institute, you will have the information to be able to determine:
• Why you must move from developing products to developing customers
• The 10 ‘right’ questions of new program development success
• The difference between low-dollar and high-dollar needs assessment
• How much money should be spent developing a new program
• The role of programming staff and operations staff
• How much income a programmer should be generating
• Programming benchmarks from successful lifelong learning programs


You will receive information not available anywhere else. Only LERN can tell you proven techniques for developing new programs and:
• The AIDA principle of brochure and website design
• How to determine when to cancel a course or event
• Needs assessment surveys that give you actionable information
• The difference between marketing and promotion
• Program management techniques that work
• Program development strategies and how to select repeat programs
• Key planning formulas

End Result

After attending this Institute, you will be able to increase the success rates of your new programs. As a result, your staff time will shift from being wasted on programs that are not successful to being well spent on new programs that are successful. The difference in your staffing costs and productivity alone will be worth thousands of dollars to your organization.
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