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May 1st – 26th, 2023

Just $99

Three big reasons to stay certified as a Certified Program Planner (CPP).

1.You stay current and updated with the latest in best practices, benefitting your knowledge and your career.

2.Your program stays relevant, and not out-of-date, as the external environment keeps changing.

3.Your community benefits from the increased success and quality of your program.

Under a new plan approved by the LERN Board of Directors to keep the field current and professional staff continuous professional development Your current CPP designation expires on December 31, 2020. You and others will renew your CPP status every two years.

Renew your CPP until December 31, 2024, with our one-month online CPP Refresher Course. Your course is designed to keep you abreast of the latest changes in the field that every CPP should understand, including the role of digital marketing, changes in the ratios for success, how to improve your whole organization with operations, and much more.

The CPP Refresher Course is meant to provide the latest advanced information that every CPP should know, regardless of your area of specialty and work.  You will also review the fundamentals to confirm your knowledge and confidence on the ratios for success.

Log on anytime, any day. For best results, log into the classroom on two different days of the week and make at least one comment in Discussion a week.

You will do:  10 or so pages of Readings a week/Unit; Listen to the Presentation for that week; take the Unit Quiz to prepare you for the CPP Renewal Exam; and further your learning by participating in the Discussion.


Unit 1
Review of CPP Fundamentals

Unit 2.
Update: Marketing

Unit 3.
Update: Needs Assessment & Programming

Unit 4.
Update: Management & Operations

The $99 cost includes your online course, Study Guide, exam and upon passing the 20 question exam at the 80% level, the right to continue your CPP designation.

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