Experts, including your presenters, say efficient operations and the right staffing structure are fundamental in ensuring increased staff productivity.
No longer can everyone do everything and your lifelong learning program needs people dedicated to day-to-day operations so your revenue generators can do their jobs!
The difference between success and failure for your program is just 5 percent. Efficient and effective operations make the difference and can help generate an overall staff productivity increase of 25 percent or more.
With LERN’s unique Operations Institute you will discover the tasks operations, programming, marketing and sales should be responsible for, the role operations plays in making your staffing structure succeed, and how to make your lifelong learning program productive, creating more profit and success for your entire program.
Earn your COM
Upon successful completion of the Certified Operations Manager exam, you will earn the COM credential.
Unit 1: Understanding Operations
Unit 2: LERN’s Ideal Staffing Structure
Unit 3: Operations Managers Role
Unit 4: Running like a Business
Unit 5: Finances and Benchmarks
Unit 6: Processes and Procedures
Unit 7: Job Standards and Competencies
Unit 8: Data Collection and Analysis
Unit 9: Operations Best Practices
Unit 10: Study Session for COM Exam
About the Instructor 
Greg Marsello is LERN’s Senior Vice President for Organizational Development and an authority on successfully running lifelong learning programs. He travels over 40 weeks a year visiting and consulting with programs throughout North America.
Marsello is a co-founder of LERN and was chair of the Board of Directors for 12 years.
With more than 40 years in the business, he authors publications, articles, and white papers, administers LERN’s Program Review, develops data analysis software tools, and works to make winning lifelong learning programs more successful, as well as helping challenged programs succeed.
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The cost for this online Institute is $745.
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