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About the Online Contract Training Institute:

The Contract Training Institute is the most complete, comprehensive and advanced training in the field of contract education. You can now take the Contract Training Institute online – and earn your Certified Contract Training (CCT) designation!

In this nuts and bolts Institute you will learn the practical and proven skills in contract training from successful professionals with contract education experience.

After attending the Contract Training Institute online, you will be able to boost contracts, increase your operating margin and net, and price contracts correctly. You will have the strategies and techniques for increasing your effectiveness and success rate.

You will receive information not available anywhere else. Only LERN can tell you how to keep pace with all the other organizations selling contracts.

You will learn: 

• How much to pay a salesperson

• The amount of money that should be spent on product development

• Techniques for teaming salespeople and programmers to do team selling

• A Return on Investment formula that works

• What your sales kit should look like

• How to do contract training online

• Nine Benchmarks for Success


Week 1: Introduction & Overview

Week 2: Finances and Budgeting

Week 3: Real-World Selling

Week 4: Team Selling

Week 5: Needs Assessment

Week 6: Client Analysis

Week 7: Quality Assurance

Week 8: Study/Catch-Up Week

Week 9: Teaming with the Right Instructors

Week 10: Documents

Week 11: Return on Investment (ROI)

Week 12: Marketing Contract Training

Week 13: Exam Week

Why you should attend:

Contract training is a top growth area. Most lifelong learning programs sell contracts, but many are finding that their efforts conflict with other responsibilities and that the expectations of clients are high. You need to find out how to develop clients, utilize a salesperson, build a product base and other key issues that only LERN provides.

Each CTI participant will receive a copy of LERN’s “Contract Training Manual,” as well as other supplemental readings. The manual has an encyclopedic wealth of information that will serve as an Institute guide and a future reference source.

About your Instructor:

Layne Harpine is a LERN Senior Consultant. He has 15 years experience in higher education in addition to his experience as a consultant and corporate trainer for a Top 10 Forbes Fortune 500 company.

Registration information:

The cost for this online Institute is $745.

There Are Six Easy Ways To Register

Register Online by clicking here 

Register by Email:

Send your registration information to info@lern.org.

Register by FAX:

Complete the registration form and fax it, toll-free, 24 hours a day, to (888) 234-8633.

Register by Phone:

Have your registration form ready and call Tammy at (800) 678-5376. The phones are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT) Monday-Friday.

Register by Mail:

Complete the registration form and mail it to:

LERN Conference Registration

PO Box 9

River Falls, Wisconsin 54022 U.S.A


A purchase order will reserve your place, with payment due at or before the conference. Please fax your registration and PO to us at (888) 234-8633 and we will email you an invoice.

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