The Marketing Institute Online has been designed to give you the best and most advanced professional development opportunity to enhance your skills in marketing your lifelong learning program.
Welcome to marketing in the new millennium. It is a challenging time for marketing lifelong learning programs and events. It is a changing time, a time of fiscal pressures and accountability, of increasing competition, of niching out into smaller markets.
But it is also a time when the sophistication and expertise in marketing programs have never been higher. There are exciting marketing breakthroughs that you need to know in target marketing, retention marketing and Internet marketing. There are proven ways to plan your marketing efforts, to take the guesswork out and make marketing as scientific and cost-effective as possible.

Who Should Attend

This Institute will be particularly valuable for decision makers, CEOs, directors and others with overall responsibility of running lifelong learning programs.
The Marketing Institute is relevant for a variety of programming areas, including continuing education, seminars and conferences, community education, recreation, and continuing professional education. It is intended for anyone promoting and marketing classes, events, seminars, conferences, certificate programs and other education programs.
At the end of this institute, you have the opportunity to sit for the Certified Marketing Planner (CMP) exam.


Lifelong learning programs are being called upon to increase attendance, improve financial self-sufficiency and be fiscally accountable. Changes in the marketing environment mean you must develop new strategies and use new techniques to attract and retain participants.
After attending the Marketing Institute, you will have the information to be able to:
• Develop a detailed, step-by-step oneyear marketing plan that will be the backbone of your program’s marketing and operational strategy;
• Segment your market, build separate demographic profiles for your market segments to know who your best participants are and be able to program to them;
• Create promotions that attract customers,generate interest, develop a desire, and cause the most important action of registration;
• Take the guesswork out of marketing by using information and data that will make your marketing techniques more cost-effective and successful;
• Effectively use the Internet to market your programs and services;
• Price your programs for maximum attendance and profitability;
• And much more!


You will receive information not available anywhere else. At this hands-on Institute, you will gain new information and tools to help you compete in the tough new world of marketing courses and events.
We’ll cover your top areas of interest, including:
• Target marketing
• Customer-share marketing
• How to identify your best participants and market to them
• How to know exactly how many brochures to mail and when to mail them to get the results you want
• Powering up your brochure copy for best results
• How to make your website a marketing plus
• The latest on eMarketing and effective integration with other marketing efforts
• How to beat your competition by developing and maintaining a niche focus
• Generational marketing

Marketing Institute Agenda

Positioning Your Program for Great Success
• Find out how to determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and brand
• Determine how to set your program’s marketing direction by using your USP, mission, vision and organizational values
Who Are Your Customers — Really?
• Learn about market segmentation – the process by which you distinguish or differentiate your various audiences – and how to build demographic profiles for each segment
• Find out how to serve those who are most interested in what you have to offer
• Learn why there is no such thing as an average customer
Market Analysis Strategies
• Learn how to analyze your competition so that you can discover wasteful overlapping and opportunity-rich gaps
• Find out how to use enrollment analysis statistics to grow participation and revenue
The Finances of Marketing
• Find out about the only financial format and how to develop a budget that uses the proper percentages for promotion
• Discover what benchmarks you need to be tracking and matching up to, such as promotion:registration ratio and half-life
• Be able to determine the ROI of your promotion efforts
Database Marketing
• Having the right software system is one of the keys to developing a successful marketing plan. Learn about what modules make up a great system
• Find out why you must know customer lifetime value, recency, frequency, monetary values and repeat rate
• Know what information to collect and how to extract and analyze
Developing and Implementing Cost- Effective Promotional Campaigns
• Why must you develop a strategy that focuses on your best customers?
• Using carrier routes and mailing lists, you can generate new customers while satisfying and retaining past participants
• What are the right mail dates? What should the mix of direct mail and eMarketing be?
Websites, eMarketing & Social Networking
• Learn how to design an effective website.
• Find out how to integrate eMarketing into your marketing plan
• Understand the role of social networking Generational Marketing
• You must be collecting birth year. Learn how and why
• Learn about generational marketing, brochures and website design
• Find out why you must be sending out seven different emails
Developing a Detailed Marketing Plan
• Having a one-year marketing plan is crucial. Your program must have a step-by-step plan all staff can follow
• Learn the seven components of the one-year marketing plan and how you can implement it quickly and with little heartache
The Management of Your Marketing
• Find out what staff structure best supports a customer-oriented marketing plan
• Discover who really is responsible for marketing and understand the term “think marketing”
Optional: CMP Exam
You can take the exam following the Institute or you can take the exam at a later date at your office with a local proctor.

About the Instructor: 

Suzanne Kart is a writer, presenter and practitioner on marketing and eMarketing. Currently Associate Vice President of Marketing for LERN, she is one of the nation’s leading experts on Twitter, social networks and generational communication for lifelong learning. She has more than 18 years experience in the marketing and communications fields. She does workshops across the U.S. and Canada on marketing, eMarketing and generational communication. She also teaches online for the graduate school at the University of South Dakota Master’s degree program in adult and higher education.

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