Getting Faculty to Come: Promoting Your Faculty Development Programs

William A. Draves
William A. Draves

How-to practical information on what works to recruit faculty to your programs, and keep them coming back

October 4 – 25, 2018   – –   Online

Four weekly webinars, Q&A, plus online discussion.
Can’t make a live webinar?  No problem.
All webinars are archived and available to you.


1. Targeting Your Faculty
-The top 3 ways to promote faculty development
-When to begin promoting your event or program
-Who do you want to come?  If you said “everyone”, no one will show.
-Your 7 different faculty audiences.

2. Getting the Word Out – Right
-How to write emails that get read
-Enhancing your faculty development web site
-Why flyers are great
-Making sign up easy (or difficult, your choice)

3. Your Best Marketers – Past Participants
-How room set up markets your next program
-Using evaluations to promote future programs
-Data – analyzing who came, who didn’t
-The greatest, most effective, no-cost marketing strategy of all

4. Marketing to Reluctant Faculty
-How to recruit reluctant faculty by ignoring them
-Best bets: fear and greed
-The 5 self-interest benefits they don’t know

Your instructor
William A. Draves is President of the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the largest continuing education association in the world, serving around 1,000 colleges and universities a year. He is the author of How to Teach Adults, Advanced Teaching Online, and several manuals on marketing programs to adults.

Thousands of faculty have taken his programs. He has marketed faculty development programs to faculty for twenty years, including the Certified Faculty Developer (CFD) program and designation, seven Annual Faculty Development Conferences, Certified Online Instructor (COI), and Advanced Teaching Online course.

Colleges and universities across the country have had Draves do all-faculty campus convocations and all-day seminars.

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Webinars Thursdays, 2 pm ET
Can’t make a live webinar?  No problem. All webinars are archived and available two days later for your convenience.   Watch them anytime, from any computer.

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