Forget Trump U – This is Worse

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Swim Towels SquareOur next U.S. president will further enable for-profits to undermine public education.  If you work for a nonprofit education institution, or even like them – – this is terrifying.

From our NineShift blog of the 21st century, the story was reported by Raw, and not disputed by anyone to our knowledge.

“In her first year as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted that Laureate Education, a for profit higher education conglomerate, be included in the guest list for an education policy dinner hosted at the U.S. Department of State.

“It’s a for-profit model that should be represented,” she wrote in the August 2009 email, and as a result, a senior vice president at Laureate was added to the guest list. Several months later, former President Bill Clinton became an honorary chancellor of Laureate International Universities, which turned out to be incredibly lucrative. He was paid a cool $16.5 million between 2010 and 2014 for his role with the for-profit college.”   See the full story here.

Why is this such a big deal?  Because the only reason a for-profit would someone $16 million is if they got back hundreds of millions. And the only place a for-profit can get that from a State Department dinner is from the U.S. taxpayers, taking those hundreds of millions from nonprofit institutions that serve everyone and giving it to the for-profiteers.

Trump U., whatever cheating and else is proven, did not take a cent from the taxpayers, according to all the stories.  But for-profits like Laureate Education, the corporate owner of Walden College and other for-profits, is all about taking taxpayer money away from nonprofits.

What for-profits do in education is to take away taxpayer dollars from nonprofit education institutions and add to their – – yes profits.

With all those taxpayer dollars, the for-profits then rack up incredibly high dropout rates, gorge students with student debt, and overall just do a miserable/worse job of educating our children than do the public nonprofit community colleges and universities.

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