Gen Y Likes Roundtables

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tables“I like to hear from other colleagues and learn from them,” says Gen Y LER member Srdjan Golub of Waterloo, Iowa.

He’s not alone.

“Gen Y likes the informal learning nature of roundtable discussions,” says generational learning style expert Julie Coates.  “They like to drop in, see if the discussion is of interest to them, and learn from their peers,” she notes.

The big LERN annual conference in Baltimore will have more roundtable discussions than ever, thanks to the recommendation of Golub and other Gen Yers on a special Gen Y conference task force.

Plus, you can initiate a roundtable and moderate it yourself!   To set up a Roundtable discussion on the topic of your choice, just email Tammy at info@lern.org.

You will be assigned a round table seating 8 people.  No slides, no presentation needed, just engage with others.

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