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Areas of Expertise

Marsello is versatile and does consulting on a range of topics, from marketing to budgeting to program planning.
He also has created areas of expertise where he is one of the foremost authorities in the world, including:

  • Staff management and staffing structures,
  • Registration, lifelong learning management, and data analysis software systems and tools,
  • Developing a one-year business plan,
  • Becoming cost effective,
  • Improving profitability,
  • Program evaluations.

Consulting Availability
Marsello heads up LERN’s consulting and training, in-house and on-site presentations activities. Whether you are interested in Greg or another professional consultant from LERN, contact him at or call our main office at (800) 678-5376.

[expand title=”Experience” rel=”group-highlander”] A co-founder of LERN, Greg Marsello has been involved with LERN since its beginning in 1974. As LERN’s Vice President for Organizational Development, Greg is instrumental in providing LERN members “Information That Works!”
Greg served as President of LERN and head of the Board of Directors for 12 years before joining the staff full-time. He oversees LERN’s finances, operations, events, and contract education services. Also Greg writes regularly for the LERN Magazine, authors how-to manuals, creates LERN data analysis and best practice implementation software programs, and is one of our highest rated presenters.
To best serve LERN members, Greg travels three weeks every month visiting programs providing technical assistance, recommendations, and a wide variety of services. He administers the LERN Program Review, which has been instrumental in transitioning community, continuing, and contract education units into the 21st century.
In 2000, LERN and Augusoft led by Greg teamed up to build Lumens, the first web-hosted lifelong learning management software system. Greg is the liaison with Augusoft and works with the Augusoft development team to ensure Lumens operates following LERN best practices.
With a background in business – he ran his family’s jewelry factory for two decades, managing a workforce of 500 and working with jewelry companies such as Avon and Tiffany & Co – Greg has taken sales, product development, pricing, and operations business models and adapted them to the lifelong learning business.
In 1980, Greg started a local community education program in Rhode Island, Learning Connection, which became the largest avocational lifelong learning program in the state, registering more than 10,000 students a year. With Learning Connection, Greg tested and rolled out a host of programming, marketing, sales, and operations best practices.
A native of Rhode Island, Greg lives with his wife Melinda and their two dogs in Tiverton, Rhode Island, along the beautiful Sakonnet River leading to the Atlantic Ocean. Melinda and Greg have three sons. They enjoy sailing, biking, cross country skiing, and are members of Westport Monthly Friends Meeting.
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“Greg Marsello did an exceptional job of leading our program department through an unprecedented reorganization. As a result, our program area is more productive, cost-effective and providing the best in programs to our participants than ever before.  We couldn’t have done it without Greg and LERN.”

– Denise K. Johnson, Director Visitor Services
Metroparks of the Toledo Area

“Greg Marsello has been instrumental in helping us reshape our multifaceted functions into a structured, process driven, and productive division. The template for change was not a LERN imposed ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but rather a fluid plan built on the needs and culture of Hawkeye Community College.”

– Alan Clausen, Director of Industrial Training & Development
Business and Community Education
Hawkeye Community College

“Greg is highly professional, responsive to needs and questions, extremely helpful, and an excellent communicator. My staff and I were amazed by the details Greg remembers about our programs and employees and his thorough preparation for our LERN Program Review and Certification.”
– Diana Hunter, Senior Director
Community & Continuing Education
Utah Valley University

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