Instructor Passion Contagious

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In both in-person classes and even in online courses, instructor passion is contagious and greatly increases both student learning and student satisfaction.

This spring Gyandev McCord of Nevada City, California, asked LERN’s discussion guru, “Mary D is indeed a pro in this area. I feel rather daunted by what I’ve seen her doing in discussion forums. I’m especially impressed by the way she expands the discussion. So I have a question for Mary: Can you suggest 1 or 2 things you think would be the best first steps for a teacher in learning to do what you do so well?”

Mary Dereshiwsky replied, “Honored at your kind words, Gyandev! Thank you so much! 🙂

“I really believe that instructor passion for what he or she does is contagious. I “caught that passion” very early on with regard to online courses. I believe in their potential to meet flexibility needs of adult learners.

“This may sound a bit trite maybe…but I believe students do pick up on this instructor attitude. I would say to you, keep modeling it in action. Students can tell ‘the real deal,’ and who is committed to them and to the classroom format with its potential.”

Mary Dereshiwsky  next teaches the online course, “Continual Engagement: Fostering Online Discussion,” July 5-29. She also co-teaches “Advanced Teaching Online” June 6-July 1.

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