Learning, teaching and education institutions- – including yours- – are going through an entire transformation between now and 2030. Just like we did 100 years ago.

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LERN Futurists Julie Coates and William A. Draves accurately predicted the nine major shifts society would go through between 2000 and 2020 as we transitioned from the Industrial Age of the last century to the Knowledge Society of this century.

Now they forecast the transformation of learning, teaching and your institution from the factory model to the new model of learning, teaching and delivery of this century.

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About Nine Shift

After five years of research, Nine Shift first appeared in 2000 in presentations, soon after as a book. The book’s predictions garnered international media attention, as well as conference keynotes around the world, on-site presentations, and a blog.

As the shifts came true, there were new predictions and speeches and more media coverage.

With the economic and societal transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age completed in 2020, the last Nine Shift presentation at the big LERN annual conference concluded with a “Game Over 2020” celebration.

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Julie Coates and William A. Draves
At start of Nine Shift, 2000

The 100 Year Parallel

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