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LERN Live Online Listing Site

Starts August 1. Limited to 100 Members. No cost. Sign Up Now.

What It Is
A website listing Live Online courses, sometimes called Zoom classes. All the classes are offered by you and your fellow LERN member programs.

It is only a referral site. LERN does not take registrations. We simply link to the provider’s website for more information and to register.

The site specializes in personal development, avocational, leisure, fitness and health kinds of classes offered to the community by local colleges, school districts, and recreation departments.

What You Do
1. Link.
You link to the Live Online Listing Site from your website.
The link should be either on your program’s home page or a page one click away from your program’s home page.

You are guaranteed a minimum of 5 of your upcoming Live Online classes to be posted on the LERN Listing Site at any given time.

Starts August 1
-Beginning in July, send us 5+ class submissions to be listed on the Live Online Listing Site. First classes should begin on or after September 1.
Throughout the year, send us more of your upcoming Live Online classes to be listed.
-On or before August 1 make your link live to the Live Online Listing Site.

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Why You Should Link to the Site Three big reasons:

#3 Keep your customers.

If you don’t offer it, your customers will come back to you if you help them find their class on the site.

When you serve your customer and answer their needs, even if it is with a class from another program, your customers will come back to YOU and your program because you answered their needs.

#2 Serve your community

Your program is probably the primary organization serving your community with classes for adults. When you serve your customers, your whole community benefits both economically and quality-of-life.

#1 Your Institution Wins Tax Payer Public Support

Your biggest benefit to your institution- – your college, school district or city- – is winning votes from tax payers for public support for your institution. When you serve more people, exit polls prove your institution gets more tax payer votes and financial support.

No, You Don’t Lose Customers

The business world has researched this over and over again. Trash your myth. The facts prove your customers will come back to you. If you think you will lose customers to some program half a continent away, think again.

Questions? Email us at info@lern.org. Or call Tammy at 800-678-5376

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