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The manager will develop and manage all non-credit Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals offerings through Triton College. This includes continuously reviewing past and current continuing education open enrollment and contract training offerings and working with credit health education staff, workforce development staff, and local health care providers to identify new continuing education opportunities. The manager will develop and maintain curricula for new programs; maintain all provider certifications and licensure; maintain student records associated with these programs; manage open enrollment courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences; and manage customized contract training for local health care providers.


a. Reviews Continuing Education for Health Care Professional (CEHCP) files. Determines which previous and current offerings are viable.
b. Meets and works with credit nursing and allied health care, workforce development, and contract training staff to identify what direction CEHCP programs should take.
c. Develops business plan for CEHCP.
d. Develops marketing plan for CEHCP
e. Develops contacts with local health care providers.
f. Develops and regenerates current and relevant CEHCP programs designed to address local healthcare workforce needs, and provides individuals with opportunities for employment leading to self-sufficiency.
g. Creates brochures and related materials to recruit participants. Coordinates the development of Fall, Spring, and Summer schedules and promotional brochures in cooperation with Creative Services, Scheduling, and Enrollment Services.
h. Assesses, selects, and coordinates learning materials for individual educational offerings. Coordinates the ordering of all books and materials with the bookstore.
i. Provides on-site management for educational offerings.
j. Analyzes summative evaluation data and revises CEHCP offerings accordingly.
k. Acquires and maintains all continuing education provider licenses and certifications mandated by the State of Illinois.
l. Ensures that all curricula are current.
m. Develops new curricula and prepares all forms for submission to Illinois Community College Board for approval.
n. Maintains course outlines, objectives, and other related course data.
o. Resolves student related issues and complaints about CEHCP related programs and follows college guidelines and traditions in problem resolution.
p. Supervises CEHCP program registration and billing in cooperation with the Admissions and Records, Registration, Data Processing, Staff Service/Telephone, and Bursar’s Departments.
q. Ensures that CEHCP program midterm verification process, grade submission and recording processes are completed in a timely fashion.
r. Coordinates room scheduling with Scheduling.


a.. Supervises the activities of classified employee.
b. Identifies, interviews, and recommends faculty and contract instructors for all CEHCP related programs.
c. Provides orientation or training for employees and conducts periodic employee evaluation activities.
d. Reviews participant evaluation summaries with instructors and initiates changes as necessary.


a. Participates in initial budget planning with the Dean of CE.
b. Provides initial approval for payment of CEHCP program related invoices and vouchers.
c. Reviews tuition and fee structure for all CEHCP related programs to ensure that they are consistent with market rates.
d. Responsible for profit and loss for all CEHCP related programming.


Dean, Continuing Education

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